Do you a Hotmail account user? If yes, then you should be known for all the features and advantages related Hotmail account. When an account user has been forgotten their password or someone hacked them to account then this time you should be required to change the password otherwise you will lose to your account permanently. It is main trouble mostly Hotmail account client they are struggling with this problem daily. If anyone disregards this issue then he will lose account accessibility permanently. We will describe the solution in this article.

Before changing the Hotmail password you can apply to these tricks for account safety

If you are creating a new Hotmail account then should be applied to these tips but also the old client can be appropriate this like

  • Make sure your password should be unique
  • A user can use special character words, numbers, symbol, etc.
  • Change your account password monthly or after 6 months it will help out for account security.
  • Don’t share your password; they can hack into your account.

Account Hotmail Password Forgot

Methods to Change Hotmail Account Password

A number of times, user look some apprehensive activity in their mail account that is very dangerous for the customer he can be the hacker so take seriously to this problem otherwise, he can misuse account and you can lose to your account enduringly. If you don’t know the procedure to change Hotmail password then use to following tips here like

  1. To begin with, open your computer and there visit on the browser.
  2. When your browser will open then you can type Hotmail account.
  3. Next, you will see a first official website of Microsoft. Click on it.
  4. After that, a user will type the email address and password and click on sign in push button.
  5. At what time, you account will open then you require to choose security in the setting option.
  6. Now, you can choose change password and type current and new password, once again type the new password.
  7. Last, go for Save.

Now, you have successfully changed the password of your Hotmail account. It is the simple way to change the password but you need more assistance Hotmail password, Hotmail Account Recovery then contact to Hotmail Technical Support experts they will give you support for your query.

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