Various login issues in Gmail along with their solutions

Gmail is undoubtedly the most widely used email service around the world. Millions of users log in to their gmail every day and a lot of them have to face various errors while doing so. Usually, the new users have to face a Gmail Login problem more frequently as they don’t a proper idea to use gmail on different platforms such as IOS, Android, web browsers etc.

If you are also new to gmail and facing issues while logging in to your account then this article can help you significantly. Here, we will discuss various reasons behind the Gmail login errors and the methods by which you can resolve them.

Reasons why you are facing Gmail login problems?

There are a lot of possible reasons why the users have to deal with Problems while login to their Gmail account.

  1. The User might have to Forget Gmail Password:

    This is the most common reasons for the gmail signin issues. If you have also forgotten your gmail password and wondering how to recover Gmail password. Then you don’t have to worry because gmail offers a fairly simple mechanism for gmail password recovery.  

  1. Gmail Password reset code not working:

    To recover a lost gmail password you need to have a Gmail password reset code or verification code. Sometimes, users have to face problems in proving their identity to google through these verification codes. 

  1. Having trouble due to Gmail 2-step verification:

    2-Step verification is introduced by the Google to keep Gmail account safe. However, a lot of users have to face problems in logging into Gmail because of the complexity of 2-Step verification. 

  1. Gmail account got hacked:

    If you are sure that you haven’t forgotten your Gmail password. Still, you are unable to login to Gmail then it might be possible your Gmail account got hacked by someone. 

  1. Gmail account blocked by Google:

    If you are a spammer or got reported as a spammer by a lot of users then it is possible that Google might have blocked you the Google itself

How to resolve Gmail Login Issues?

Whatever be the reason it can be immensely frustrating if you are not able to login to your Gmail account. Here are the steps you should follow in order to resolve Gmail login problems.

  1. First of all, make sure that the browser you are using is compatible with Gmail.
  2. Clear your browsers cookies & cache memory and then try again.
  3. If the issue persists then you have to run Gmail password recovery by following the steps given below.
    1. Click on Forget Password link available on the Gmail login page.
    2. Choose the method to receive a Gmail reset password code or recovery code i.e. by call, SMS or Email.
    3. Enter the received verification code and set a new strong password.
  4. You will be logged out as soon as you reset the Gmail account login password. Now, you have to login to your Gmail account by using the new password.
  5. If your Gmail account is blocked by Google due to spamming, then you have to contact Google support through any other email id.

If you are wondering why do I have to recover my Gmail password even when I haven’t forgot my Gmail password. Well, your password might be changed by someone else.   Here, are some tips and steps you should follow immediately to keep your Gmail account safe.

How to keep your Gmail account Safe?

Steps to keep your Gmail account safe from hacking and malicious software are as follows:

Change your Gmail Password: The first and most important thing is to keep changing your Gmail password regularly. Wondering How to Change Gmail Password? Well, it is quite easy just follow the steps given below:

  • Login to your Gmail account and click on gear icon from the top right corner.
  • Open Account and Import tab and click on change password.
  • Verify your current password.
  • Type a new password and confirm it.
  • Click on change password.

Enable to 2-step verification: After Gmail password change you should enable 2-step verification so that it becomes impossible for a hacker to breach your Gmail account security.

Go through the Gmail security checklist: You can find a Gmail security checklist under your Google account security settings. Go through that checklist and Google will ensure that your Gmail account remains safe.

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