Nowadays, Gmail is using DMARC policy to send emails on other domain. In DMARC policy you can send any mail with Gmail domain to any other domain using Gmail infrastructure. If you want to send the message to your friend who is using other service domain, then use your own email profile. For this, you have to first login in your account. Sometimes, you can’t send messages or emails to other accounts because of Gmail blocks your server IP address or your domain will block some outgoing ports. You can check these points to resolve the mail sending problem. Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Error is one of the reason for it.

How to resolve mail not sending problem?

If your Gmail account is not sending any mail to other accounts or get an error 421 in Gmail, it means your IP address has been blocked by Gmail server or Can’t send mail in Gmail account  So, you should check your IP address and wait for some time until server will unlock your account. You can send a test mail from mailPoet’s settings to check your port IP work properly or not. If it will show an error message that SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP server, it means your IP has been blocked.

Your host server has blocked outgoing ports

You can check your outgoing port settings because if Gmail server has blocked your outgoing port, it will not send emails to other domain. Check below necessary points related to the outgoing port. For resolving the problem, you have to make the necessary change in outgoing port settings. After that, it will work properly.

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server

SMTP server name: 

Port for SSL:                        465

Port for TLS:                         587

Required SSL:                       Yes

You should set these settings in outgoing port settings or you can also set default settings to resolve mail sending problem.

Help & support?

You can make these changes in Gmail account settings. I hope! Your Gmail account will work correctly by using the above settings. If you account not working or still facing this problem, you can contact Google Customer Support for more information.

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