Have you wondered to see some codes while you indulge in your work? What do you think; these numbers do make some sense? Yes! Actually, these codes mean you have some technical problem which occurs when you are working with your email account. First of all, I showed you some of the codes and what type of issues they create and then we back to our main issue error 421. Are you finding solution for this query? – How to prevent Gmail rejecting mail at the server, when sent from Gmail Application?

Can’t send mail in Gmail account & get an error 421

Well whenever you are working with your email or browser then definitely any time you have to face these error issues like:

  • 211- shows system status message
  • 451- this error shows server error
  • 452- it shows the insufficient system storage
  • 450- it says that try again later if the requested command is fail
  • 221- this error indicates service is closing

And there is a long list of these kinds of issues which you have to face any time. But here our main motive is to know about the SMTP server error 421. Are you getting Gmail not sending emails & get Gmail error 421 which is caused by an error in your email client program?. When you are going to send any mail and if there is any mistake like, error in the username, password, server address or server authentication then this type of error 421 has occurred. One of the most common reasons is your email service provider which is in your delivery setting but at that time it doesn’t one of the used email address. But if you follow some of the points so definitely you are able to solve your SMTP error 421 & can send mail in Gmail account. For this:

  • Kindly check your username and password. You have to use your full username and email address. If you forget your password then immediately reset your password.
  • Sometime if your recipient’s mailbox is full then surely you have to face this kind of issue. Sometime due to incorrect SMTP configuration error 421 has occurred. So make sure all the SMTP configuration files are configured correctly.
  • Sometime due to FTP connection issue this happens and indicates 421 services is not available.
  • If the FTP server not determine the ID address then do some changes like:
  • You can check /var/log/message log file on the server
  • Then try to ping the host name, and make sure if ping not able to respond then mention the correct host name
  • You can also check your local machine’s IP is blocked or not

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