How can I fix my Mail importing problem in Gmail?

Through we can easily send the mail and receive the mail. Through this we can also import the mail from one account to another account. But in most of the case we have that users are not able to import the messages from their old account to new Gmail account. It seems some technical glitches inside the Gmail that’s why users are not able to fix their mail importing problem in Gmail.

How to fix their mail importing problem in Gmail?

Make sure, if you have problem regarding importing, or your mails is deleted or missing while you are going to import then try these quick solution which is mentioned below.

  • First of all, ensure that in which account you are going to import the mails is still working or not.
  • Kindly double check your password and username is correctly entered or not.
  • If not, then delete and add again the email address from where you are importing.

For this follow the step:

  • First open your Gmail account and move to setting section.
  • Once you entered in setting section here you find the option of account and import or account tab.
  • Now delete the email address you are importing from under the “check mail from other account section”

If you import your mail from other email provider such as: yahoo or outlook then fixes these issues:

  • The name of POP sever which you entered in your Gmail is same as other email.
  • Make sure about the port which 995 or 110.

If you import the mail from another Gmail address and found the same problem then have a look here.

  • First you have to check your POP setting. For this:
  • Same go to your email account and enter into setting section.
  • After entering into setting section open the “forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  • Now check under the POP download section “POP is enabled”

And the account from where you import:

  • Open the Gmail account and enter into setting section.
  • Then move to check mail from other account section and choose the account which you are trying to import. And check your username which is required full email address, correct password, ensure about your POP server i.e., your port is 995, and you have to use SSL secure connection when you are going to retrieving the mail.

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