How can we turn off the chat history in Gmail?


This chat features are found Gmail under the chats labels. By this chat feature, users can easily store the text of their chats in Gmail account and apart from that users can easily search for them later. The user can disable their chat history for the entire respective user at their domain and once you disable this chat feature then all the discussions are not archived in Gmail account.

Why can’t I turn off Chat history?


This chat history is ON by default for hangout and Google talk & if you think that, once you turned off the chat history and your previous conversation will delete but it is not true. Because the Google offers this feature for their user, if they turned off the chat history, then your previous conversations are saved automatically instead of delete. So, how can you turn off your chat history in Gmail?

How to turn the chat history in Gmail?

If this same question strikes in your mind, then quickly follow the points below where I mention how to turn the chat history in an easy way.

  • For this solution, first you have to sign in to the Google admin console.
  • After that click on apps, then hit the G suite and then click on a talk/hangout.
  • Now you have to click on advanced setting.
  • Then choose hangout chat only under the section of chat.
  • Here you have to choose history off under chat history and check the option doesn’t allow users to change this setting.

By this way you can simply delete your chat history in Gmail without facing any kind of issue. But could you think, if you successfully turned off the chat history so is it still stored anywhere? & for how long? For your kind information let me tell you, the chat history is stored only for a short period of time on the client device and it allows you to continue your recent chat when you are switching between the devices.


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