How do I make a mailing list in Gmail

If you have to send bulk of emails to the same group on daily basis then creating a mailing list should make things easier for you. The Google’s Gmail makes it really simple to manage your web-based e-mails and Gmail contacts with the help of mailing list or a group.

How to Create Mailing List on Gmail

In order to make a mailing list in Gmail, you need to open your Contacts. After that click the “New Group” button to build a custom-named mailing list and then manually enter emails with the “Add Contact” sign button. When you require to send an email to this mailing list just compose the message and type the name of the group into the “To” field before sending.

The below steps will help you in learning how you can access contacts in Gmail, add contacts to the group, create a group and send a message to all group members.

Steps to Create a Mailing List

  1. Open your Gmail account, and click on “Gmail” button on the left side
  2. Scroll down and Click on “Contacts” button.
  3. Now click on the ‘New Group’ button to open it, enter a name for this new group, and then click “OK” option to create it
  4. After doing this, a new group will appears in front of you on the left among the Contacts.
  5. Click on newly created group to open it,
  6. Click on the icon, “it will open a window to start adding contacts to this group”. For instance, you have a contact name Smith…Type ‘Smith’ in the window … Smith’s e-mail will come up… click on it. Click on “Add button”
  7. Next, for example, you have another person in your contacts to add to the group. Type ‘his/her name’ in the window … and e-mail of that person will pop up. Click on it. Click ‘Add’ button.
  8. Continue the same process until you enter all your contacts, their e-mails also will be shown
  9. A new group ‘with the given name’ will be shown on your Contacts with amount of contacts in addition
  10. At this point in time click  ‘Contacts’ option, then ‘Gmail’  button to go back to the original page
  11. Click on ‘Compose’ key to start writing an e-mail for the newly created group. Enter the name of the group in the “TO:” field. All your group contacts will be automatically added into the “TO:” field.

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