How do I solve the attachment issue in Gmail?

Whenever someone sends us any kind of files or documents the first thing is to download that attachment. Once we successfully download that attachment then it become easy to view them. For this attachment procedure you have to open your Gmail account through your email address and password then open that email in which you have to download the attachment. After that hover your mouse over the thumb nail and hit the download button. By this way you can successfully download your attachment.

But it seems problematic for some users, they can’t download any type of file or document. Sometime attachment would not open or download. In this post you will quick tips to solve your attachment issue.

How to resolve the attachment problem in Gmail?

  • The very first activity you have to do, check that which browser you are using for your Gmail account. Sometime if you do not prefer supported web browser then your attachment would not be download and you have to face this kind of problem. Make sure the Gmail best working in these web browsers such as: internet explorer, Google chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox etc. So, start using these web browsers to overcome of your attachment issue.
  • If there is no any kind of browser issue then might be possible the problem is related with your browser’s extension. Now quickly turn off the extensions.
  • First just click on menu icon which is located at top right side of the web browser, then choose the tool option then click on extensions to open a new option tab.
  • Here you have to uncheck “enabled” to disable an extension and hit the remove option to delete it.
  • Now enter chrome://plugins/ in chrome address bar and finally hit the disable option under the plug-in which you want to disable.
  • If you can’t find extension issue, then clear your browser’s cookies and cache.
  • First simply go to your computer and open the chrome web browser. After that on your toolbar click on more tool.
  • Then hit the clear browsing data option and click on cookies and other site data and cached images and files in the clear browsing data.
  • Then select the amount of data which you want to delete and finally click on clear browsing data option.

If still trying to solve your issue but all efforts are in vain then quickly contact to technical support for solution.

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