The Gmail is the most popular free web based email service around the world. Google has taken all the necessary measure to make it an absolutely flawless email service. Despite all these measures, occasionally the users have to face several error messages while using Gmail. One such error message is “Oops.. the system encountered a problem (#102)”. This message generally appears when a user tries to open an email, delete an old email or move emails between folders.

Keep reading this tutorial till the end if you are also having trouble due to a similar type of error message. Here, we will brief you about the possible reason behind this error message and step by step method to resolve this error.

Why the error message “Oops.. the system encountered a problem (#102)” appears?

As far as reasons are concerned, we cannot pin down a single reason behind this issue. There are many scenarios which can result in such error messages. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Unstable Internet connection: A weak internet connection might be the reason why you are facing this error.
  2. Unsupported Browser: If you are using an unsupported browser then you are more susceptible to this error message.
  3. Bad Caches and cookies in your browser: Cache and cookies are stored to make our internet browsing experience more pleasant. However, these cookies can also cause this type of errors.
  4. Random Add-Ons or extensions installed in a browser: Some third party add-ons and extensions installed in our browser can also cause malfunctioning which can result in this error message.

How to get rid of “Oops.. the system encountered a problem (#102)” error?

There is no specific solution to this error. You have to eliminate the factors that are causing this error. Here are the steps you should follow when you face such kind of error message.

  1. Speed up your Internet Connection: The first thing you should do is to make sure you have a high speed and stable internet connection.
  2. Update your Internet Browser: Ensure that you are using the latest browser which is fully compatible with the Gmail. If you are using Chrome then you can update it by following the steps given below:
    1. Open chrome and click on three horizontal dots available at the top right corner.
    2. Click on settings.
    3. Open settings tab from the top left corner.
    4. Click on “About Chrome”.
    5. Now, you have the option to download any available chrome update.
  3. Temporarily disable your anti-virus: Sometimes antivirus also blocks the proper functioning of a website. You should try loading gmail after disabling your antivirus and see if the issue gets resolved or not.
  4. Clear Cache and cookies of your browser: The process to clear Cache and cookies is different for every browser. Check the user manual of your browser to check the method to delete cache or cookie for your specific browser
  5. Disable Add-ons and extension of the browser: Try reloading the pages after disabling the installed Add-on and Extensions one by one.
  6. Try again after changing the browser: If the solutions mentioned earlier doesn’t work then you should try changing the browser and see if the error persists.
  7. Repair Corrupted registry: There are many registry repair tools available online. You can download any one of them and repair any corrupted registry. Remember modifying registry is a risky task as it can cause permanent damage to your windows.
  8. Switch to the basic HTML version of Gmail: If all the measures to fix “Oops.. the system encountered a problem (#102)” error fails then it is recommended that you should switch to basic HTML version of Gmail. However, by doing so you will have to sacrifice some key features and functions of Gmail.

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