How to Resolve Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Error- Easy Tips to Follow

Although Google offers 15 GB storage which is distributed among Gmail, Google photos and Google Drive equally however sometimes we face Gmail storage quota exceeded error. If you are running out of storage then you won’t be able to send or receive emails. So, you must know how to manage limited storage by clearing unnecessary things from time to time. We are elaborating here the way through which you can easily manage this error. Your first steps in this direction should be removing spam messages and clearing trash folder. users also get an issue like Gmail failed to send email toward my company mailbox account.





What are the other methods by which you can remove Gmail storage quota exceeded error? Please explore this post for further related information.

When you Get Quota Exceeded Error?

If you are getting storage quota exceeded error then it doesn’t mean that your storage limit has actually exceeded. There are a number of reasons associated with it and some of them are explained below. You need to do proper verification of the same.

  • Maybe you are sending email to the user whose storage limit has exceeded.
  • Maybe the filter is sending mail through the filled mail account.

If Error Belongs to Your Account Then What to Do?

After getting this error you won’t be capable to send or receive email. That’s really a complicated situation for any user. Here are few tips that will help you to come out from this issue, please have a look:

  • You need to verify your account in case you are forwarding through ‘Mail Setting’ followed by ‘Forwarding & POP/IMAP’.
  • In case you are trying any filter while sending email through another account. You are required to go to the “Mail Setting” under the Filter section. You need to check out there the storage space limit.
  • I suggest you to uncheck the advanced setting in case the issue is critical. You need to clean out the messy trash and spam folder.
  • I also suggest users to remove unused data from Google Drive or Google Photos.

What I have prescribed above, you can use it while resolving Storage quota exceeded error. In this way, you can easily come out from this issue.

The Process to Clear Unused Items from Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos

We are sharing the process by following which you can easily clear space in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Users get the issue such as Unable to receive emails in Gmail then they need to follow the steps provided below:

How to Clear Google Drive?

You can free up space in Google Drive by removing large files, which are not being used for a long time.

  • You can use a computer in order to view the listed files from largest to smallest;
  • Move the files into Trash, which is for no use.
  • Now, permanently delete those items from Trash.

How to Clear Gmail?

  • First of all, you need to find the largest emails to delete in Gmail;
  • Now, you need to move all those messages into Trash and delete them from there;
  • You can empty your Trash by yourself or it will be done automatically after 30 days. The message, which is deleted automatically after 30 days, can be restored only.

How to Clear Google Photos?

Users are suggested to delete unwanted photos from the Google Photos. It will help them to free up space.

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