How to Send Email with Attachment and Download Receiving Attachments in Hotmail?

As we all know, the attachment is very important for everyone. All people are using any email service for send and receive a number of files, but if you use Hotmail account then it is also significant for you. But for a new user, it is the tough task the main basis they haven’t enough knowledge about to send and receive the file from this mail service. The reason for Hotmail account use, most users are happy with this mail service and they can solve the problem to attachment like photos, videos, file, etc. It is free web-based mail account, without any charge user can create more than one Hotmail account.

In this article, the user will learn the answer to why can’t I open attachments in Hotmail or how to send and receive the attachment from Hotmail account.

The Process to send an Attachment or Photo through Hotmail Account

Now every user can sort out a problem to send an attachment through Hotmail account for Computer/ iPhone/ Android Phone if you don’t know procedures then try to follow steps like

  • The first user will sign into Microsoft Hotmail account by typing email id and password.
  • Later click on the new button and choose email message. A user can also reply to a message that you have received before.
  • Now you can click the inserts an attachment
  • When you click the attachment icon then next you require choosing to attach file where you have saved, Click open.
  • Next, you choose the file you would like to send, click attach.
  • Subsequently, a user can type the message, next Click Send

Can’t download the attachment from Hotmail account

The process to Download, Open, and Save E-mail Attachments

Mostly new customer countenance to download, open and save email attachment, no worry fix to your trouble by following steps like

  • First of all sign into your Hotmail account.
  • Now you can open the message that attachment you want to download.
  • Next click on the attachment file, choose download and save to your attached file where you want to save.

I can’t receive any e-mail attachments in Hotmail, if you are troubled to this error in your attachment then no worry get the solution from qualified Hotmail Customer Support USA experts they will guide you properly in a simple way.

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