Mail won’t load in Gmail? Get instant help to clear your Google Drive and Gmail Space


Google Drive is a unique feature of Google which is developed in the year of 2012. Basically it is used for to store the large amount of data and information. It offers up to 15 Gigabytes of storage capacity for users so that they can easily manage their all data. Similarly in Gmail, its storage capacity is up to 15GB. No matter how long message or attachment is, Gmail can easily store it.

But might be possible after a time the storage capacity of Google drive and Gmail is over due to the reason of large files, folders, attachments etc. & that’s why you are no longer to receive any kind of data. Some time users get issue such as Mail won’t load in Gmail or Gmail is Loading Slowly then there may be many reasons. But here you can simply solve your by issue. Through the post below I let you know how you clear your Google Drive and Gmail Space.

How to free up Google Drive space

First of all we have to know which item takes more space in Google Drive or Gmail.

  • Some of your files in My Drive such as: PDF’s, images, videos etc.
  • The item which is available in your trash folder.
  • Gmail messages and its attachment

You can also delete the hidden app data in Google Drive:

  • Visit to
  • After that click on setting icon and go to setting option.
  • Now click on Manage Apps which is available on the left side. Make sure if there is any hidden app data then click on option and then delete hidden app data.

Here some of the items which didn’t take too much space. Some of these are:

  • Google sheets, slides, Google docs etc.
  • Google Photos and videos.

What happen if Google drive and Gmail runs out of space?

  • Obviously you are not able to upload new files because they didn’t take any storage space.
  • The messages which are sent by people will be returned to them.

So what the person will do in that case? How you get more storage space? Well! If you clear the unwanted space from Google drive and Gmail then surely you will get more storage space.

  • Clear your Google Drive space. Permanently delete those files which are available in trash folder.
  • In Gmail, the spam messages will automatically deleted within 30 days. But in case of any emergency and need more space then you can permanently delete the messages which are available in trash or spam folder.
  • You can also delete those attachments which is available in your mail, for this just simple type has:attachment in your search field and enter.
  • You can also delete the unwanted photos and videos for more space.



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