Problem Solving regarding Gmail Signature in Gmail

For a successful business and professional activity, Email signatures can helps kick start conversation. Because if our Email signature looks professionally so it attract mentors and other business prospective. The Email signature is one of the simplest communications for any concrete business. If you are using internet so there is no requirement of letter head to present the contact information to your recipients, all this information are attached in email signature. So that you’re all recipients are able to know.

Email signature is just like digital business card it gives you a touch of professional feel when you send the mail to anyone. Through this you can easily share your all contact details and adding your phone number which make easy for you to connect with anyone. You can also add your company’s logo in email signature. Or you can add some hyperlink which helps you to increase the traffic of your sites and many more things we can do with Email signature.

How to create Email Signature in Gmail

But if you are new user and don’t know how to create Email Signature in Gmail so without wasting your too much just go with the below steps which make you to create Email signature in Gmail.

  • First go to Google and open your Gmail account.
  • Once your account will open, now look the above on the right side where you found Setting Icon, just click on that.
  • When you click this icon, lots of option will appear but you have to go with Setting option, click on it.
  • Scroll down the cursor, here you find “Signature” section. In this section you can add your name, address, phone number, company name, some hyperlinks, profile picture etc which is easy to connect with anyone.
  • Once you enter all these things than click on save change and your email signature is ready.

But mostly times we have seen that users are not able to add their image in email signature. Kindly assure that, if you added any of the images from Google Drive, you have to share your image publicly. Search image of your company’s logo etc, get the URL of that image now add your own image to Google and use that URL. By following the above steps you can simply add your Email signature in Gmail but again if you have any query or issue, don’t forget to call technical experts.

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