Process to activate 2 step verification in Gmail

When it comes to the data you want to safe, protection of your email accounts may be the major concern where you cannot negotiate. Although email clients has officially un encrypted medium, specially the Gmail, but still you can imply some security techniques to prevent malicious people from hacking your account or stealing important data from your emails.

Creating strong passwords may be useful, but out of all the methods, 2-step verification for Gmail is the brilliant and most preferred technique to make your Gmail account protected. Before enabling this technique, initially you must understand that what two-step verification is.

What is 2- step verification?

The 2 step verification in Gmail is double security layer given by the Google to safe your email account from hackers. Generally for signing in to the Gmail account, the user needs only User name and Password. But after activating 2 -step verification, one needs to provide the verification code that received on the registered phone number of user in order to access the account.

Here’s how you can configure two step verification in Gmail

  1. Open your Gmail account. Then select the “Account” button which available on the right side of top menu bar.
  2. After clicking on “Account” button, your Account Settings page will appear in front of you.
  3. Scroll down and look for “2-step verification” bar.
  4. Click “Edit” to turn on the feature.
  5. After that you’ll find a page that walks through the steps of configuring 2-step verification. Click on “Start setup.”
  6. Enter your mobile number. This will be the number connected with your Google account. Anytime you login to your Gmail account from an unknown device, a verification code will be sent to you registered mobile number by Google and you will have to type the same that before you can login.
  7. Choose whether you’d wish to get a text message or Google Voice call with your verification code and hit submit button.
  8. If you are activating two -step verification from a PC or trusted device; just check the “trust this device” box.
  9. Hit OK, and you have just configure two- step verification for your Gmail account. You can Skip any extra steps that appear strange or confusing at the moment.

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