Process to managing labels in Gmail


Your Gmail inbox may be flooded with old messages. It’s vital to keep your inbox organised so you can easily and quickly find messages when you need them. The simplest way to deal with such email mess is to delete unwanted email or to organise messages by using labels.


Labels are just like tags on a blog post. They let you to rapidly access and sort through allied information. In this article we talk about the basic steps to manage labels in Gmail and how to create a label in Gmail.

Method 1: Make a Gmail Account

Go through your Gmail account or log in to your current Gmail account by

Method 2: Choose Labels

Click on the empty check box at the side of any Gmail conversations you’d need to label or amend labels on. A tick mark should show in each box.

Method 3: Put in a New Label

  1. Click the “Labels” option that appears in your Gmail toolbar. It will offer a drop-down menu.
  2. Pick a label. Make the use of either one of the default labels provided (Personal, Work, Travel, Receipts) or choose “Create New” to make your own. Once you’ve selected a label, it will be applied to all chosen messages or conversations. Any new labels entered by you will subsequently be available under the “Labels” drop down menu for future use.

Method 4: Remove Label

  1. Here you need to pick a labeled chat.
  2. Click the “Labels” tab appear in your Gmail toolbar.
  3. After that you need to click on the checked box at the side of the label you’d need to eliminate.
  4. Click on “Apply” button

Method: 5 Remove or edit Label

  1. Use the label you’d require to change/edit or remove through the drop-down list of labels on the left side of your Gmail display.
  2. Hit the down arrow to the left of the label.

Method 6: show labels

Access the “Hide” button, go through the drop-down menu to the left-hand Gmail display, to remove labels from the default list available on the left side of your system screen and hide them under the “(#) more” display instead.

Just drag hidden labels from below the “(#) more” display option to the default label display if you’d want them to be eagerly visible once again.

Method 7: Manage Labels in Gmail

By clicking the “Labels” option in your Gmail toolbar and then hitting on “Manage Labels”, you can manage labels in large amount.  By doing this a menu list will appear featuring all of your present Gmail labels, with the buttons of “Hide” and “Show” at the side of each label. Many labels will also have a “Remove” option alongside them, and can be altered by making a left-click on the name of label.


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