l-833-4l0-5666 Proven Methods to Improve Gmail Account Security


When it comes to email has given us an easy and powerful method of communication over the internet.  But, when we deal on internet we have to face various security threats and to overcome from those we need to improve our Gmail account security. How can one do so?

Well, here I have introducing few proven methods by using which you can easily improve your Gmail account security.

Strong Password


What I looked over various users they set password for their Gmail account as 12345678 or Password or Gmailpassword. These passwords are extremely easy to guess. So, you must create a password for your account by including numbers and alphanumeric characters.

Change Your Password on Regular Interval of Time

You must change your account password on regular interval of time in order to avoid future attacks. Users are recommended to change their account password on a regular interval of two or three months.

Update your Browser

Users should update their browser time to time. In this way they can easily restrict any unauthorized activities that may occur with their account.

Scanning Computer with Using any Antivirus Software

Use any updated antivirus software to scan your computer for any malicious or infected program code. If you have found any such codes then either block or remove them according to the features offered by your antivirus software.

Activate Two Step Verification

Two step verification is the most powerful feature introduced by Gmail by enabling which you can put an added level of security to your account. We advise all Gmail users to enable this feature in order to restrict unauthorized access.

Instruction to Create a Strong Password

Please consider following points while creating your account password:

  • Create a unique password for your account;
  • Include a perfect blend of numbers, letters and symbols in your password;
  • Do not use any common word or personal info as your password;
  • Please up-to-date your backup password options;
  • Do not share your password with anyone.



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