At first, I should explain what phishing means. Basically, Phishing is the act of trapping a victim into revealing information. It is one of main components of social engineering. The email messages are designed to look like correspondence from a reliable source such as legal, government, HR, and bank, etc. and frequently trick victim to click on a malicious implanted link. This act involves the getting of a random email message with a URL to a website where the victim would provide personal details like Bank account /credit card numbers, Personal Identification Numbers, date of birth, and Social Security numbers etc.

Nowadays, the phishing attacks are one of the most common and worst security challenges that both business and individuals face in keeping their data secure. Whether it’s getting access to valuable information like passwords, credit/debit cards details, or other responsive information, criminals are using social media, email messages, and phone calls etc in order to steal precious information. However, your email account requires an additional security such as prevent junk emails, filtering spam, and much more.

How to report an Email address for phishing activities?

If you are facing some phishing activities in your webmail account and want to report an email address for phishing activities, follow the steps listed below.

  1. On a computer, open your webmail account.
  2. Open the email message.
  3. Click on down arrow icon which appears next to “Reply” button.
  4. Scroll down and look for Report phishing option
  5. Click the Report phishing.

Best and Simple ways to avoid the Phishing email issues

Moreover, you can also use the below tips to avoid phishing activities in your webmail.

  • Use separate email accounts for the different purposes to prevent the Phishing attacks.
  • Never provide your email address in any unreliable website. Most of these websites infringe the information and can cause big troubles in the future.
  • The phishing email mostly consists of slight differences. Hence, check the Email address of the sender that you are receiving very carefully and then take the further action.
  • If you find any email inappropriate for you, then keep this email id in the Blacklist.

If still you are facing some Phishing issues or having troubles while reporting phishing, then can get support from the expert technicians by dialing their customer service helpline number. The professionals will provide the best and appropriate solution of an issue with a precise time.

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