How to recover the lost password of Verizon email?

Verizon provides its users excellent email service with excellent security, easy sign-in method, fast account recovery etc. But, sometimes, while working with the Verizon email, the users might face sign in issues. The most common reason for sign in error is an incorrect password. Due to one or another reason, the users forget their password and experience problems in signing into their Verizon account. Irrespective of the different reasons why you forgot your password, you can very easily recover it using your registered email id or phone number.

Steps for Verizon Email Password Recovery

It is advised that the users change their password from time to time in order to keep their account more secure. But sometimes, during frequent changing of password, the users forget their latest password and face trouble in signing into their account. Or maybe you are signing into your Verizon after a very long time and therefore you do not remember your password. Luckily, Verizon provides a quite simple way to its users to recover their lost or forgotten password. In order to recover/ regenerate the forgotten password of Verizon email, follow the steps given below:

Steps for How to recover the lost password of Verizon email?

  • Go to the official home page of the Verizon email.
  • Next, click on the ‘sign in’ button present on the home page.
  • A new sign in window will appear on the screen.
  • Now, click on the ‘Forgot your info’ link given on the login page.
  • A page will appear on the screen asking you to provide your user id. In case you do not remember your user id also, click on the ‘Forgot your user ID?’ link given on the screen.
  • Enter your registered email address of phone number and click on ‘continue’.
  • A 5-digit billing ZIP code will be sent to your registered phone number. Now provide this code in the box and click on ‘continue’.
  • You will be given different options to receive the temporary password – as a text message to the registered mobile number or as a mail to the billing address on the account.
  • Select the option through which you want to receive the temporary password and then click on ‘send password’.
  • Now enter the temporary password into the specified box and click on ‘sign in’.
  • After signing into your account using the temporary password, reset a new password of your choice. The password you create should have 8-20 characters, 1 letter and 1 number. Special characters if included can make your password even more unpredictable. An unpredictable password will help you in keeping your account secure as anyone will not be able to guess your password and login into your account. To visit Verizon Email Customer Service Support Number

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