Deleting Gmail account is a big decision for any user, doing this he/she will lose all Gmail data and also the access to any other Google products and services that are integrated with same account, such as Play Store or Google Drive. If you’ve mistakenly deleted your Gmail account, you may be able to recover it if you take action fast enough. You can recover the Gmail account between two business days.

Let’s have a look on guide for how to delete Gmail account

  1. Open your Gmail account
  2. Click on your Gmail profile picture, or the letter of your first initial, appears in the upper right area of Gmail.
  3. Select “My Account” and then click on “Account Preferences”
  4. Locate and select “Delete your account or services” from the menu on the left.
  5. Select “Delete Products” and then again sign in to confirm your decision.
  6. It’s advisable to download your data before deleting it.
  7. Click “Gmail” and read the short provision about deleting your account.
  8. After that, confirm the deletion of your Gmail account. When you choose “delete account and data” a wizard appears, stating to confirm your wish to delete the account. If yes, check each box to confirm.
  9. Confirm again. By making a tick on “yes I want to delete my account” box, your account will be considered for removal.

Steps to recovering a deleted Gmail account

  1. You have to act fast quickly because you only have two business days to recover Gmail account.
  2. Navigate to Google password assistance page.
  3. Provide your old password and click on continue.
  4. Click “Submit a recovery request” link.

Note: If you do not receive a recovery request link, then it means your account has been permanently deleted. There is nothing that you can do.

  1. Complete the process for verification.
  2. An email will be sent to your alternate email address (provided by you) by Google. Check that email and click on the link enclosed in it. By doing this you can create new password for your account.
  3. You have successfully recovered your deleted account.

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