No doubt to everyone, Hotmail mail service is inspiring web-based mail service. It is available in the top 5 rank mail service which mostly uses by numerous peoples. The main reason is also to a large number of clients it is free to mail service and user can access to any Hotmail account from many devices like Computer, Desktop, iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, iPod, Tablet, etc. If you have created a Hotmail account then without any tension you can open your account. But, when a user is using to Hotmail account then he faces so many trouble with this account in this post I will talk about top 10 most annoying issue to this mail account. But no worry, it problem will fix by simple and quick resolution.

Top 10 Frustrating hitch, User Facing Hotmail Problems, and Its Solutions (Hotmail Not Working)

1. Not capable of Setup Hotmail on Computer, Android Phone, iPhone

Now, every user can sign up/setup Hotmail account on Computer, Android Phone, iPhone or other gadgets without any trouble. It will help out to all customers for connectivity with every friend, business contacts and family members. Mostly, it problem faces by the new client which are non-familiar with this mail service.

2. Not capable to Sign into/Login into Hotmail Account

If you utilize a variety of features related Hotmail account then you first need to sign into Hotmail account after that you can use this mail service. Everyone can send and receive a number of messages after login into Hotmail account. But if you have error related Hotmail account not sign in then you can get the solution quickly through the helpful blog, forum or website anytime.

3. Not capable to Sign out/Log out Hotmail Account

When you have signed to your Hotmail account and your work has been done then you should Sign out Hotmail Account otherwise your account has been hacked by hackers and he can misuse to your account and theft some important information related your mail account. So, it is necessary after using Hotmail account.

4. Forget/Not Remember Hotmail Password

It is the common occurrence of every mail account user the reason they are busy and they have created a number of the account of different-2 mail service that reason they don’t remember Hotmail password/forgot Hotmail password a number of times. This time, the user can use a simple but unique password which they don’t forget this password anytime or save to this password in excel on your computer or other gadgets safely.

5. Not capable of Change Hotmail Password

A number of times user see them account is open without permission of account holder this time you require to immediate action and change Hotmail password otherwise they can hack to your private information, credit cards, or bank details. It is easy to process by simple methods.

6. How to Send Email with Attachment and Download Receiving Attachments

Each new user of Hotmail account face Send Email with Attachment and Download Receiving Attachments, all client can attach to excel, ms office, notepad file or Pictures and videos for sending to other person and the same he can click the attach file for download received attachment file.

7. Not capable of sending & receiving mail failed in Hotmail

When your internet connection is not working, a technical query of Hotmail, browser not supporting to your mail service, exceed file size, or mail receipt person, and you enter the ng wrong email address to sender then you can face trouble to sending & receiving mail failed in Hotmail. This time, you require checking all information is accurate or incorrect.

8. Recover Deleted Messages in Hotmail

Sometimes, unfortunately some message can be deleting from your Hotmail account, or you have deleted to message when you think it is not important but now you require to recovery deleted messages in Hotmail then it message can recover the by filter or check junk mails.

9. Backup and Restore Hotmail Messages

Backup is very important of every message in mail account, when you have lose to your data but in the current time you need urgent to send or read to that message which you have lose then Backup and Restore Hotmail Messages will help out to all their customers.

10.Reactivate Stopped or Suspended Hotmail Account

All users can stop and suspend to Hotmail account for some time or permanently but unluckily your account has been Stopped or Suspended Hotmail Account then no worry it will reactivate by easy methods. The major cause of account suspend you are not follow the terms and policy of Microsoft Hotmail. If you are sure you are following to all terms and policy of Microsoft then you can submit the request form to regenerate your Hotmail account.

In this post you have clear to your 10 doubt related Hotmail account but any customer want to discuss with professional’s then he can speak to Hotmail Customer Service technicians they will resolve to your matter.

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