Unable to get the Mail of Gmail Account on iPhone

We are using different kinds of webmail services for mailing purpose. But there is only one mailing platform that appears with numerous features and services as compared to any other & i.e. Gmail. Well! It’s true, Gmail is known for their instant and quick messaging. The Gmail service is free of cost, if you want to use it so, first of all, you have to configure the mail on your system either mobile device then you can flow with its advantageous features. But in many cases, we have seen that some iPhone users are not able to get the mail in their mobile.

How to get the Mail of Gmail Account on iPhone

The iPhone will stop getting mail due to entering the wrong username or password which is shown above in the figure. We know that this is irritating and annoying if you are not able to receive the mail in your mobile device. Might be possible this is email setting issue, a server issue or internet connection issue which creates complexities in your path. So we have to know why these errors have occurred.

The Reason behind the error

In most of the cases, if this type of technical glitches has appeared can be related to your email setting issue. If you are getting Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Error then you need to clear data. Troubleshooting is one of the best options to overcome this issue so that your email account is working again.

How to fix Gmail receiving email issue?

  1. Keep Refreshing the inbox

As we know that, these types of technical hiccups fluctuating due to your internet connectivity either server issue. To fetch out the solution you have to continuously refresh your inbox.

  1. Vigorously quit the mail app

Mail App is also a most fluctuating issue, in this case, open your App switcher, slide up on the main card after that go to the home screen for relaunching the mail app.

  1. Kindly check your Internet Connection

In most of the condition, Internet issue plays a vital role, so that you are not able to get the mail. Make sure to check your cellular or Wi-Fi signal. If your signal is too weak so refresh it may be it works.

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