What to do if Gmail is not working in Google play store?


The Google is biggest search engine as compare to any other search engine like: yahoo, Bing, duck-duck-go etc. This Google search is used by millions of user in worldwide just because of its plethora of features and services. The Google has several services such as: chrome, Gmail, Google+, Google plat and many more. First of all here we have to know what are the benefits of accessing the Google?

  • Its technical support team could be reached any where so you didn’t have to worry about the technical glitches.
  • Recently Google introduce one new feature called “Google duo” which is very well useful for HD calling.
  • By the Google+ users can easily share their thoughts and ideas.
  • By the help of Google play you can download games, movies etc within few seconds.
  • Through Google chrome you can get the best results within seconds.

But however certain technical bugs create issue in Google play store that’s why user is not able to work.

How to solve the Google play store problem in Gmail


If you are annoying regarding this problem then follow the steps here so that you can know how to solve the Google play store problem in Gmail. May be the problem is related with your Google play store cache. So immediately clear your Google play store cache.

  • First you have to open your setting app, then move to application manager i.e. App. Just click on that app.
  • After that check for Google play services and click on that.
  • Now you have to click on force stop, clear cache and clear data button.
  • Make sure if these all buttons are grayed out it means you are all done.

You can also uninstall the updates for Google play store app and after that restart your device again. If again find the difficulty then you can also deactivate the Google account. For this:

  • User have to open the setting app
  • Under account section and touch that account which you want to remove.
  • After that click on menu icon which is located at top right corner of the page.
  • Here you have to select the remove account
  • Once you remove, and then add your Google account again.

Hope it works! But still found any difficulty then immediately contact to technical experts if you want instant support.


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