What can I do if I can’t re-enable my Gmail account?

Have you ever heard about “account disable” in Gmail? Is your Gmail account has been disable by Google for some period of time? & due to this reasons you are not able to working with your Gmail account for might be possible one day, two day or it could be one week also. This is the most critical and irritating situation for any user because until and unless he is not able to working with their account. Make sure, the Google disable our account only in that condition if anyone has not followed the Google policy. Some of the policies are:

  • Google terms and conditions
  • User content and conduct policy
  • Some other policy which is related to Google’s products and services

Sometime the Google disable your Gmail account without any warning and in that case you do not understand what happen exactly and Google prevents you to do any kind of mailing activity in Gmail. But fortunately here you have option to get back your disable Gmail account.

How to get back my disable Gmail account?

  • Don’t worry if your Gmail account has been disabling, but it doesn’t means Google disable your account permanently. This account disable is just for short period of time, so just wait for few hours like 24 hours and 48 hours. After that you are capable to recover your account.
  • You get back your disable account through your recovery email address and phone number. Once you provide this information the Google will send to a message which helps you to get back your Gmail account.
  • Before doing anything properly read the term and condition of Google so that in future you do not have to face this critical issue.
  • Still not able to recover your disable Gmail account then quickly fill out the contact form and submit a request. After successfully submit your request the Google executive’s looks into your matter.
  • You can also share this problem in Google forum. Just go to the community forum of Google and whatever the issue you have just mentioned clearly. Meanwhile they solve your issue.

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