What I do if my Gmail Account has been Hacked?

Hacking, whenever we hear this word the only thing came in our mind is the “illegal activities” & “Anti social activities”. Indeed it’s a matter of concern the issue of Hacking has been affecting almost every fibre society in an unwanted manner for a long time. Today these types of anti social acts are came into cyber crime and time to time government takes serious action against it. This Hacking is actually done by some illegal & un-certified person for stealing your all information either destroying your information. Simply if we say that, using the computer for inoffensive activities such as; stealing personal and professional information, fraud, privacy invasion and many others.

What Should I Do If My Gmail Account Was Hacked

There is long list Hacking’s problem which highly effects socially, economically and mentally. And if someone’s Gmail account has been hacked so it’s little bit complicated to how overcome of Gmail hacking issue. But if you are not able to solve the Hacking issue in Gmail so don’t worry just follow the post below and make you trouble free regarding My Gmail Account Hacked.

Easy Steps for Gmail Account Hacked Issue

  • If you are trap in Hacking issue so recover your account through log in. Without wasting your too much time, just log in to your account. But if you are not able to login to Gmail then, choose “I forgot my password” option and recover your account.
  • Now change your password. And remember the password should be easy to recognize, difficult to guess and long characters. So that no one can easily hack your Gmail account.
  • For prevention of hacking, change you’re all account recovery information. Means change your alternate email address, change your phone number or change your secret question too.
  • Mostly we have seen that some user use same id for Gmail and social media sites too, this is actually a loop holes for hacker and they easily hack your account. So beware of that.
  • After hacking your account, hackers erased your all personal data and mails so taking the mail backup.

History last but not least, always learns from your previous experiences what you did wrong so that your account has hack. You should learn these Methods to Improve Gmail Account Security. If you learn it then it’s better for your future.

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