Hotmail is the name of outstanding and huge mail service, mostly client use to this mail service for office work and some personal work. It gives a number of features facilities to all their user free of cost and you can sign up the number of the account to this mail service. If you share your important message with friends, Colleagues or any other person then it is very easy with the help of Hotmail account but you need to sign up new Hotmail account.

What is the role of Hotmail account for the customer?

If you are working in the office then mostly office work with only Hotmail account the reason it is wonderful and advance mail service that reason it popular with every mail customer. You can send various emails to the number of the customer with one click. If you use only iPhone or Android phone then Hotmail also give best alternate to their entire client to access on both devices.

Process to New Hotmail Account Sign up

Mostly, new client faces same trouble in their mail account. When a user tries to create Hotmail account but he doesn’t sign up for their mail account. If you are one of them then don’t worry solve to your new account creation process with simple procedures such as

  1. First of all, customer needs to type Hotmail on any web browser. After a search, you will get the result of Hotmail website click on it.
  2. Next, a customer will enter the details of sign up page like an Email address.
  3. Now, you need to fill out the personal information of accounts like your account name and password. Make sure you will type a unique password it will strong.
  4. After that create a password, you will type contact information of accounts like Phone number and email address.
  5. At present, a customer will fill country, zip code, date of birth, gender etc.
  6. Next, fill the complete Captcha and tick on agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.
  7. Now, the user can log in Hotmail account.

The user can apply to following procedures for sign up new Hotmail account and after that access to their Hotmail account. But, anyone face trouble to try steps if you are one of them then solve your doubt by Hotmail Technical Support specialists they are talented and give you the excellent recommendation for your Hotmail Account Sign Out matter.

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