Yahoo is one of the oldest and most prestigious email services that are available today. It has got all the cool features and reliability that we expect from an ideal email service. As a matter of fact, it is also true that despite having a large number of benefits, Yahoo mail is still not completely flawless. There are many inevitable errors and issues that can lead to different problems for Yahoo email users. This article is for those users for whom Yahoo email not working properly. In this post, you will find the various possible reasons behind Yahoo email problems along with the troubleshooting measures to fix them.

Why my Yahoo Email is not working? 

Well, it is extremely difficult to state the exact reason behind the problem without knowing the particular issue you are facing. Nonetheless, you can go through the list of the most common reasons behind different malfunctions in Yahoo email. 

Common Problems  Possible reasons behind the problems
Yahoo not opening,

Unable to load Yahoo emails,

Can’t run yahoo email on my browser,

Yahoo not loading or opening slowly

  • Using an outdated browser
  • Accumulation of way too many caches and cookies in your web browser
  • Adding problematic add-ons or plugins into a web browser
  • Missing windows updates
  • Slow internet connection
  • Yahoo server outage in your area
Unable to send an email on yahoo 
  • Interruption in the internet connection you are using
  • Format of the file you are trying to send is not supported
  • You are making a typing mistake in entering the email address of your recipient
  • The size of the attachment that you want to send is too big
  • Your account is blocked by yahoo due sending a large number of spam emails
  • Your email address is in the block list  
  • The file you are trying to send some kind of malicious code that is not allowed on Yahoo. 
Can’t receive email on Yahoo, not able to receive Yahoo emails
  • There is a filter in your Yahoo account that is blocking new emails from reaching your inbox. 
  • You have mistakenly blocked the sender
  • The emails are in the spam or other folders
Yahoo email not working on Outlook/ thunderbird etc.
  • Your yahoo account is improperly configured
  • Incorrect IMAP/ POP settings
  • There is a problem with the third-party email client you are using. 
Unable to sign-in to Yahoo email

Can’t log in to Yahoo, etc. 

  • You might have forgotten Yahoo email password
  • Entered the wrong password by mistake
  • Your Yahoo account is hacked by someone


How can I fix yahoo’s email not working issue?

To fix your Yahoo email account, you have to find out and fix the factor that is causing the problem. Check out the easy steps that we have listed below to resolve some of the most common yahoo email problems. 

  1. First of all, you have to make sure that your device does not matter if it is a mobile phone, a laptop or a computer is connected to a smooth internet connection. 
  2. Check your browser and ensure that it is fully compatible to work with Yahoo email.
  3. If you are using an obsolete version of the browser then you should update the same to enjoy an uninterrupted Yahoo email service. 
  4. Clear the browser’s date if Yahoo still not working properly. You should clear cache, cookies, search history, etc. 
  5. You may also try to run Yahoo after disabling the third-party add-ons and plug-ins. To identify which add-on is causing the problem, you may disable them one by one and run a Yahoo email account. 
  6. Sometimes, your antivirus can also cause an issue with the proper working of your yahoo email account. So, you can disable your antivirus temporarily to see if this resolves the problem. 
  7. In case you are unable to open yahoo email on Outlook then you must recheck the configuration settings. 
  8. For login issues, you must ensure that you are entering the correct password. In case you can’t remember the password then you need to reset it. 
  9.  In case the problem continues even after trying all the measures mentioned above, you should switch to another browser or device and see if the problem continues. 
  10. Please note that if there is a service outage in your area then there isn’t much you can do. You should wait as outages are temporary and get fixed automatically. 

What are the steps to fix Yahoo not working on iPhone/ Android?

In case you are facing problems in using Yahoo email on a mobile phone be it an android or iPhone you should try the following solutions. 

  1. Confirm that your android/ iPhone is connected to a wifi or mobile data connection.
  2. Make sure your account is properly configured using correct IMAP/ POP settings.
  3. Switched from IMAP to POP and vice-versa in case the problem continues. 
  4. Download Yahoo App and try to run yahoo email once again. 
  5. Sometimes, a simple restart is enough to fix complex problems. So, you should also restart your phone a couple of times and try to run Yahoo again. 

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