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CCleaner is a highly efficient software that removes all junks form your system and ensures its smooth functionality. It can completely remove temporary files, junk internet files, broken shortcuts, etc from your computer and make it work like a new one, well, who does not want a computer system that provides enhanced functioning. But sometimes, working with CCleaner can be a bit problematic creating different issues related to its installation, updating, working, etc. Luckily, you can get solution to any kind of problem related to this software by contacting the 24*7 Online Live CCleaner Utility Antivirus customer service USA, Canada, Florida, California, Taxes. You just need to pick up your phone and dial the CCleaner Pro support phone number and all your issues will be resolved just by sitting comfortably at your home.

CCleaner Pro Customer Care Phone Number

The solution you are looking for your CCleaner problems are just a call away. You can take assistance from the expert professionals by contacting on the CCleaner customer Service phone number USA. The CCleaner Pro technical Support experts are available round the clock, ready to listen to all your queries patiently and do the needful.

Common Problems related to CCleaner

A list of general issues faced by the CCleaner user is provided here. Any issue from or outside this list can be very easily solved with the aid of CCleaner support.

  • Problem in deleting browser history
  • CCleaner creating installation issues in Window 10
  • CCleaner stopped working
  • Unable to delete registry item
  • Unable to remove faulty applications
  • CCleaner shows installation error
  • Registry backup via CCleaner fails
  • Junk files remain even after running CCleaner

Solution for the Basic CCleaner Issues

Below here, we are providing the solution for the certain basic problems related to CCleaner. Hope that whenever you come across these issues, you will be able to solve them by yourself without external assistance. However, in case you are still facing problem in solving these issues or your problem is not mentioned here, you can always contact the CCleaner technical support.

Problem in installing CCleaner

There can be many factors that can create hindrance in installing CCleaner. If you are facing installation issues in CCleaner, check out for the following:

  • Make sure that a previous version of CCleaner is not running while you are running the installation setup.
  • Check that the setup file is not renamed and its extension is .exe..
  • Try to install CCleaner in safe mode..
  • Some programs running in background such as a firewall or an antivirus might interrupt with the installation process of CCleaner. Checker and turn off these services temporarily..
  • Delete the previous setup and install using a newly downloaded setup..
  • Try to install this software after rebooting your system.

CCleaner Stopped Working

If your CCleaner has completely stopped working and is not able to perform system scan, try the following troubleshooting measures:

  • Make sure that you are using an updated version of the CCleaner.
  • Try to re-install the CCleaner and then check if it is able to san now.
  • Check if your system has all the necessary updates as sometimes due to problem in your system, the CCleaner might not work.
  • Try to run the registry cleaner of CCleaner

CCleaner not deleting Mozilla Browser History

Follow the below-mentioned measures if your CCleaner is not able to delete the Mozilla browser history:

  • Check that the Mozilla browser is not open while the scan is being performed.
  • Make sure that the ‘internet cache’ option is checked under the ‘cleaner’ heading of CCleaner.
  • Find and delete the cookies.sqlite and permissions.sqlight files in Firefox profile folder.

Why contact the CCleaner Technical Support Service?

Backed up by a team of adept professionals, the CCleaner Support service provides solution to all your related problems. For different problems you are facing, you will get customized solution. There are numerous other advantages you will be getting by calling the CCleaner pro customer Service help number. Some of the prominent benefits you will be getting are mentioned below:

  • All your issues will be resolved by the expert technicians
  • The CCleaner customer care phone number is available 24 x 7 and you can call anytime you face problems
  • There is almost negligible wait time and you get instantaneous support
  • You can also ask for remote desktop support, if required
  • The pricing policy is very fair and only a nominal amount is charged for the service
  • There are no hidden terms and conditions

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