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Eudora is a famous Email Client that comes with fully loaded features like add on’s, animated GIFs, Spam free email experience, modified mbox, apple mail importer to name a few. While it may look tricky at first but on using it, you can feel the hassle free experience that it offers. This email client supports almost all the major computing platforms be it MAC, Windows OS etc. But it has its drawbacks, it does not support “character encoding” and this creates problems for many users.

Users also encounter the problems related to sending and receiving of email while using Eudora. Since the users don’t know how to fix these commonly persisting issues, they end up taking the help of a local technician who charges hefty sum for solving the problem and instead of providing the timely resolution; they take a long time in troubleshooting the errors. To help the users in getting out of this situation we suggest them to contact the Eudora Technical Support Customer Service USA for timely resolution.

Contact Eudora Support Phone Number

The Eudora Customer Care Service Helpdesk will find out the root cause of the issues such as Eudora Password Recovery, error on Eudora Loginid, messing up with Eudora email client. While Eudora is outdated email client but due to its astonishing functionalities users keep on using it to send and receive emails. Eudora suffers from glitches every now and then. Therefore, it is really important for the users to seek solution from a place where all those technical glitches can be repaired in a timely manner.

Common Eudora Issues and their Solutions

Eudora not working in Windows 10

Since Eudora hasn’t been updated in a long time, some customer faces errors while using it in Windows 10. Here is the solution on how to fix Eudora in Windows 10-

  • First of all, install Eudora in the root directory i.e. “C: / drive” of windows 10.
  • If Eudora is crashing on windows 10, then simply move the Eudora files to a different registry.
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora folder and copy all files from that directory to the C:\Users\Your_user\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\Eudora folder. Make sure to backup the data while making changes to the registry.
  • To modify the registry, press windows key + R and enter regedit in the run dialog box and hit ok.
  • Now go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER>software>qualcomm>Eudora to locate the Command line DWORD and open the properties by double clicking it.
  • Change the location and save those changes.

Eudora Email Client Not Receiving Email

This issue might be occurring because the Google keeps on rolling out the new SSL certificates. Here is the solution to fix that-

  • Launch Eudora and login into your email.
  • If you’re getting an error message “the server's SSL Certificate was rejected for the following reasons...” then click on the “yes” button (multiple times if needed).
  • Go to the Tools and then go to the Personalities.
  • Now, Right-click the affected personalities.
  • Go to the Incoming mail tab in case you can’t download the files.
  • Now, Click on Last SSL info button to check if you’re getting an error "you have never done any SS negotiation...” and then follow the procedure from step 1.
  • Click on Certificate information manager and under Server certificates, click on the + sign inside the box to open up the item below, and keep opening additional + signs until you get to the bottom. The bottom one should have a skull icon (untrusted)
  • Click on the skull icon to highlight it and then click on the “Add to trusted” button.
  • Click on done and close the program.

Eudora Customer Service Phone Number USA

To reach out to the Eudora Technical Support service toll-free phone number, all you need to do is dial up the number presented in the post. The Eudora Customer Care Phone number can also be obtained from the internet. While the issues discussed above are limited, but given the unpredictable nature of changes happening around in the digital world one needs to make sure that their data is safe and secure. Users can take the help of the professionals who are well trained to deal with the issues that might occur in the Eudora email client. It is highly recommended that if you feel the need to fix the errors/problems, don’t try it all by yourself unless you’re an expert.

For more solutions regarding the Live Contact Eudora Support Service, users can feel free to call on the Eudora Customer Care Support Helpline Phone Number available 24 X 7. The professionals will thoroughly go through the issue to find the root cause of the problem. Instead of demanding huge money, they’ll troubleshoot the problems as per the fair pricing policy centered on the customers.

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