Outlook Mail Customer Service and Technical Support Number

At first know the difference between Outlook Mail and Outlook App. Both are the products of Microsoft, but the purpose of each product is different. Outlook App is an email client and outlook.com is a free web mail. This article elucidating about the core features integrated in the Outlook mail. To know about the outlook mail customer support contact info (excluding Phone Number) please take a look directly to the end portion of this content.

Best outlook mail technical support.

Clean and Powerful Inbox
How many times before you clean spam mails one by one in your email inbox? Many Times, Right? Here after no need to delete spam mails one by one. All you need to do is select sweep to delete all the unwanted email at a time.

Unsubscribe emails
This is one of the oldest features in started a decade ago after the recommendation of federal cyber Command. Hotmail Unsubscribe feature is much different than the usual ‘Unsubscribing’ feature added to many web mails.

To know the effectiveness of this feature, at first select one persisting email on your inbox. Click on the link ‘Unsubscribe’ and then select ‘Unsubscribe and report’ to wipe out that email from your primary mail box.

Multi-Media Email
You can side your attached Images and video files within the Outlook mail box. Unlike other web mail you don’t need to download to preview it.

Skype Chat
Microsoft’s Skype is one of the most popular e-chat application, which available in Android, IOS, windows and Mac operating systems. The outlook users can use Skype chat feature within their inbox. No need to sign-in separately. If you’ve any queries regarding Skype integration, installation, chatting, etc, then please contact Microsoft Technical support extension.

Save Files to One Drive
One drive is a free cloud storage space (as like Google Drive) provided by Microsoft for its outlook users to save the Media Files and Docs. files. It’s a free web mail. Users can create any number of outlook accounts. Also, one outlook account is enough to access to different Microsoft products such as Skype, Hot mail, windows account creation, etc.

Where find Outlook mail Customer Support

If you encountered any issues you can report it to the outlook customer support. Below shown are the various ways that one can contact the Outlook mail customer service.

Outlook mail Customer Support Phone Number:

There is no outlook customer support phone number available.

Outlook mail Customer Service Chat:

There is no outlook customer support chat option available.

Outlook support Forum and Help Center:

Outlook mail technical support is available through forum and help center page. Outlook mail didn’t have other mode of support options than the forum and help center.

Expand this link to see the help center page of Outlook support Forum: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-IN/windows/outlook-help Above we have defined all outlook mail technical support option you can easily choose one of them as your requirement and solve all issues.

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