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System Mechanic is a powerful tool that is chiefly used for the purpose of getting rid of the unwanted junk files in your PC. The tool comes with many sophisticated features like registry repairing, preventing memory leaks, corrupt drive prevention, broken shortcuts and link repairing, driver scanning to name a few that makes it stand apart from other software. Despite these functionalities, it often suffers from setbacks. In critical scenarios, you should contact the Iolo Customer Service Support to seek complete resolution of the problems you’re facing with the System mechanic software.

If you are frustrated with the slow speed of computer, memory space getting exhausted, errors in opening different applications on computer then by the time you’re finished with this post, you’ll know what to do to fix these issues.

System Mechanic Support Number

Taking the help of System mechanic technical support will prove advantageous when the problem exceeds beyond your imagination. Only a professional can assist you in resolving the issues arising with the tool. To seek the guidance, you simply need to dial the System Mechanic Support Help Number USA and the experts there will troubleshoot the problems for you. The Iolo phone number is available everywhere across the web. Now it’s high time to take a look at the recurring nasty errors and issues in System mechanic that might have been bugging you from a long time along with their working solutions-

Received “error 1603: fatal error occurred due to installation”

If while using the system mechanic tool, you get this error or more like a warning then you should not be taking it lightly as this error can create a big problem in your computer such as frequent crashing of the apps, malfunctioning of the programs, freezing of program to name a few. Here’s what you need to do to fix this error-

  1. First and foremost, check if the software/app is already installed in your PC or not. If it exists already, then you need to uninstall it right away. Now reinstall the app again. The uninstallation can be done by following the steps-
    • Go to the start menu>select the control panel
    • Click on the “uninstall the program” link at the bottom of the Programs tab.
    Locate the app and double-click it to uninstall it.
  2. Give the full control permission to the system account by following the instruction given-
    • Open windows explorer and right-click the drive in which you want to install the installer package and select the “properties”.
    • Click the Security tab and verify that the Group or user names box contains the SYSTEM user account.
  3. If the SYSTEM user account is not there, follow the steps to add the SYSTEM account:
    • Click on edit option and approve the User Account Control.
    • Then click on add option to select the Users or Groups.
    • Now enter the object names to select field, type SYSTEM, and then click check names and click OK.
    • Select the SYSTEM user account, and verify in the permissions section that Full Control is set to Allow. If not, select the Allow check box.
    • Close the permissions dialog and return to the Properties dialog. Now go to advanced option and select change permissions.
    • Select the SYSTEM entry and click the edit option.
    • Click the Applies to dropdown and select the folder, subfolder and files.
    • Wait for the OS to apply the permissions that you have given to all other folders.
    • Run the Windows Installer package.

If this error still occurs then reach out to the System mechanic technical helpline services for more help and assistance.

System mechanic not working issue

Here is how to fix the system mechanic stopped responding issue-

  • Delete the entire temporary folders: Go to start menu>write “run” in the search box>a dialogue box will appear, write %temp%” > delete all the files by pressing Ctrl+A and then Delete key on the keyboard.
  • Delete the cookies and cache from your web browser.
  • Disable the windows security system. Make sure to turn off the windows firewall.
  • Now operate the windows in safe mode and see if the problem persists then contact the professionals for further system mechanic help.

Why contact System Mechanic Customer Service USA

For help regarding other critical errors and issue in system mechanic, you may call on the Iolo System mechanic phone number easily (New Jersey, New York State, California, Ohio, USA, Canada )available on the internet. With the right guidance, the trained experts will guide you in completing the necessary steps required to troubleshoot the issues. Here are some benefits of reaching out on the system mechanic Support phone number-

  • 365 days availability at any hour of the day.
  • Nominal pricing policy
  • Phenomenal customer service experience
  • Trained executives resolving the issues in minimum time.
  • Minimal waiting time.
  • Remote desktop assistance

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