Today, Password Recovery is top need of Hotmail account user the reason they have forgotten the password or someone has changed them the password. Whenever you account is working well then user can access to their mail account without any hitch but as you are typing your username and password but account is not opening or forgot hotmail password can’t reset, I can’t access my hotmail account anymore then you should be take serious to this problem otherwise you can lose to your account convenience. How do I get into my Hotmail/ account, How to Reset a Lost Hotmail Password this type question should be in the mind of customers. What will next step to account recovery of Hotmail by the user, if you don’t know then any stress and get help by this helpful article?

Use to Password Security Tips & Tricks for your Hotmail Account

As you will know the password is necessary part for account login to Hotmail account, without the password you can’t open to your Hotmail account but whenever you are creating new password or change to your current password then you can apply to follow guidelines like

  • Your password should be minimum 8 characters.
  • Your password should not be simple otherwise anyone can hack to your password.
  • Don’t share to your Hotmail account to someone it will risky.
  • You can use numbers, special characters, the symbol for generating the strong password.
  • You should be changed to your password after one week, one month.

If you concern all these procedures then you can securely be protected to your Hotmail password.

How to Recover Hotmail Password without Alternate Email?

Microsoft gives lots of option to password recovery but if you have forgotten your alternate mail address/ hotmail forgot password no alternate email then no worry another alternative is available for the user like the mobile phone number. I forgot my hotmail password and alternative email it is common happen of Hotmail user the main reason behind this trouble user don’t remember their password. Nowadays recover hotmail account by following instructions like

  • To begin with, Open the password reset page and visit
  • Next, click on Check the “I forgot my password” box
  • After that Click Next.
  • Later than, you can type your email address.
  • Now, you can type the verification code. Click Next.
  • Subsequently, choose an account reset Click also Text or Email on this page.
  • After type your email address or phone number where you want to get the verification code.
  • Click Send code
  • Later retrieve the recovery code. – Email, Text.
  • Then type the recovery code.
  • Next type a new password.
  • Last, Click Next.

I hope you have successfully recovered your Hotmail password and recognize steps to how to reset a Forgotten Hotmail Password but if you have doubt or question-related reset hotmail password, can’t recover hotmail account then get in touch with Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number specialists they will give you answer in few minutes.

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