Explore the Mailing activity in Gmail with the help of Keyboard Shortcuts

Before proceeding to Gmail shortcut first of all we have to know actually what is keyboard shortcut and what are their positive impacts on our daily life. Well! The Keyboard shortcut is a commixture of keys and when it pressed cumulatively they perform some task instead of other input devices which takes longer time to do this. Through Keyboard shortcuts you can get quick access to a particular function within a computer program.

Similarly, if we are talking about those user who using the Gmail and didn’t know about its shortcut keys. Mostly users spend lots of time in their inbox instead of using the Gmail shortcuts. Normally the average office employee spends its 2.6hours each day for reading and answering the mails. Can’t you think it’s awkward? But fortunately there is an option of Gmail shortcuts.

How to turn on the Gmail shortcut keys

Through this you can easily increase you mailing efficiency by keeping your hands on the keyboard. By the help of Keyboard shortcuts you are able to navigate your messages, inbox, format text, achieving, deleting and all action which you want to do. But before using shortcuts you have to open the Keyboard shortcut setting. In this post properly I describe how to turn on the Gmail shortcut keys.

  • The first thing you have to do, open your Gmail account and move to setting icon.
  • In this icon you found the option of Setting, just click on it.
  • Now here you find various options, but you have to go with Keyboard Setting on option.
  • Once you click on it, ask for save changes. Click on it.

Now your Gmail keyboard shortcuts are on and now start exploring the mailing activity in an innovative way. These Keyboard shortcuts are easy to handle there is no big science or mathematics to deal it. After using this shortcuts method, you can save your precious time instead of clicking on mouse again and again. Here I am sharing some of the shortcut method so that you can easily perform any activity whatever you want to do.

  • For Folder Search- jus type your forward slash (*/*) to move your cursor to the search bar.
  • For Zoom In- press ctrl ++ then you able to zoom it
  • For Zoom out- press ctrl +-
  • If you want to mark email as unread then press Shift+U
  • For selecting all the mail, press * then a
  • If you want to move any conversation in trash folder then press #.
  • If you want to start reply without touching your mouse or keypad then simply press r.

Still facing any hiccups they surely contact to technical experts for better help.

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