Nowadays, many persons are using social accounts for communicating with their relatives and colleagues. There are many social services such as Gmail, Outlook, MSN, Hotmail, Skype etc. So, we can send or receive emails or documents through the Hotmail account. For sending emails, you have to log in first by using email ID and password.

Sometimes, we skip or miss the password of account and can’t login to the Hotmail account. It is quite painful for the regular user of the social accountability. So, it is necessary to login account by using another login method. If you want to Change Hotmail Account Password then you can read steps from here.

How to reset Hotmail account Password?

Users can login Hotmail account, after changing their account password. They can change the password by applying simple steps on Hotmail account.

  1. Go to the Password reset page. They can also use link to redirect to password reset page.
  2. Enter email address and click on Next button.
  3. Enter your password, if you know. Otherwise, click on Forgotten my password link.
  4. Enter email address for which you want to reset a password.
  5. Enter registered phone number or email address for verification code.
  6. Enter the Send Verification Code button.
  7. Login email account or open text message for the verification code. It is a string of characters.
  8. Enter the verification code in the suitable box and press Next button.
  9. Now a new password change window will be opened.
  10. Enter a new password which you want to create; it must be different earlier one.
  11. Again enter the password for confirmation.
  12. Click on Next button, it will redirect you to login account page.
  13. Enter your email address and new password to login to Hotmail account.

For more customer support or more information related to Hotmail account, users can contact with Hotmail Customer Support. They can also visit on Microsoft Support web page which contains all reliable solutions of Hotmail problems.

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