The Gmail Error 101 is basically related to Android error which immediately stops your all apps and games from your Android phone or Tablet. Some users think that, this issue occurs due to internet connection or mobile data connection but it’s not 100% true. The Gmail Error 101 is a minor issue which solve when you reset your Google account in the system setting. Mostly people experience this kind of issue when they indulge with downloading and updating different apps, Mail won’t load in Gmail, while they surf facebook, whatsapp, viber, Skype, Gmail and others.


Here you find in which circumstances user face this kind of issue:

  • While user loading the mail box they have to face this issue.
  • When they accessing the contact so this problem has occur.
  • Sometime when you open any mail, this issue fluctuates.

Now we have to keep some points in our mind so that we protects from this issue. Here I discuss some of the symptoms and causes of error 101.

Error 101 Symptoms:

  • Once if this problem has occurred it crashes the window program.
  • When running the same program so PC frequently crashes.
  • In some of the cases Google talk error code displayed.
  • Sometimes due to this issue window runs and respond slowly.
  • Might be possible after sometime your computer system periodically freezes.

Error 101 Causes:

  • Due to incomplete installation and corrupt download it occurs.
  • Due to virus and malware infection it happens

How To Fix Google Chrome Error 101

Make sure, this type of critical problem caused by variety of factors so it’s required to troubleshoot to make you error free. So what steps you are taking while these issues fluctuate? Here I am sharing some basic points which help you out from this problem.

  • If you experience this, then fully scan your PC.
  • Clean your all files and folder which is stored in junk or spam folder.
  • Time to time update your PC device driver.
  • Utilize Windows System Restore to “Undo” Recent System Changes.
  • You can also uninstall and reinstall Google talk program which is associated with error 101.
  • You can also run window system file checker.
  • Install All Available Windows Updates.
  • Perform a Clean Installation of Windows

If you perform all these steps which are mentioned above then surely you never face this kind of problem in future. And apart from this you can also explore the technical service through experienced staff while you have any problem regarding Gmail.

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