Gmail Password Recovery Process: Find Here A Comprehensive Overview

If you’ve forgotten your Gmail password, Google offers various options for recovering it. If you have lost your account password and unable to access your Gmail account, follow below steps to recover your Gmail account quickly.

Gmail password recovery via account recovery page

  1. Go to the Google Account Recovery page: If you forget your password, and you have an alternate email address or a phone number linked with your account, Google can send you a URL to a password reset page.
  2. Click on “I don’t know my password”. Then provide your Gmail username and click on Continue button.
  3. Click “I don’t know” or enter your old password.
  4. Select your recovery options: At this point, you can either have your recovery information sent to your associated mobile phone or to your alternate email address.
  • If you go with option to receive recovery details sent to your phone number, you can either get it via SMS or automated call.
  • If you don’t have recovery details associated with your Gmail account, you will be taken to the account recovery survey.
  1. Enter the received verification code.

Gmail password recovery via filling out the recovery form

  1. Begin the password recovery survey.
  2. Enter in an active email address you have authorized to use: here you will get the response to your recovery form, so ensure that it’s a working email that you can access.
  3. Select the last time you used the Gmail account you are trying to recover.
  4. Choose the date (doesn’t have to be exact) you created your Gmail account.
  5. Answer the security answers.
  6. Provide up to five email addresses that you frequently contacted
  7. Choose the other Google products that the account used.
  8. Click on “Submit”. Once you submitted the form, your questionnaire will be sent to Google for analysis. You will be contacted about the results of the review at the email you provided.
  • Note: Your IP address will be logged, both to facilitate your account recovery and stop fraud.
  • If your account still not recovered, you can try the process again with more precise answers. You can get the solution for your query such as How to recover Gmail account using a verification code? How to recover Gmail password without a recovery phone number or Email ID? How to recover a Gmail password through Gmail Mobile Application?

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