How do I Blacklist unwanted sender in Gmail?

Have you ever black listed by Gmail or Google? Or if you continuously receive any message or mail from any unknown person so how do you black list unknown person in Gmail? Well today you will find both answers in this post which I properly describe to how to Stop spam emails in Gmail. So first of all we should know actually what Black listing is? The Black list is the list of items which includes username and IP address, which disallow to take entry in any system or protocol.

There are three types of Black list such as:

  • Private ISP/Blacklist
  • Public Blacklist
  • Enterprise SPAM Firewall

How to block unwanted sender in email?

Unfortunately it happens sometime user get blacklisted by Gmail which means your messages or mails not able to reach at his destination. But why user got blacklisted by Gmail? Make sure if the server was hacked, server was getting down then surely your IP address got listed as a blacklist. Well this is a very awkward situation for any of the user. If you are passing to this situation then take a quick solution to overcome of this particular problem which is described in below:

  • Simply, clean your server, find the issue, detect it and remove it. After that you can change the password for your FTP and admin panel.
  • You can also create an account on to check your IP address which shows that your IP address is not listed anywhere.

How to create an email Blacklist in Gmail?

Sometime if you receive unwanted mails from an unknown person then the possible solution is to create an email blacklist in Gmail which helps you to solve your problem. For this:

  • First move to your contact and click on group option to create a new group.
  • Then after that click on all contacts, and check your email address you don’t like and add then to group.
  • Now move to group click blacklist and click compose to group and you have to copy the text from “to” field.
  • Once you did it then you have to paste it here and just click on “convert” and click on resulting copy and text.
  • After that create a new filter and paste that text in “from” field and click on apply to and then delete it.

Here you create a blacklist and simply you can block unwanted sender in email.

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