How Do I Restore My Mail in Hotmail?


How Do I Restore My Mail in Hotmail? We all are using Hotmail for mailing purpose. But sometimes might be possible some messages will deleted accidentally or by mistake which can be disturbing us. Some of the web mail service didn’t provide the facility of Mail recovery, but here thanks full to Hotmail which comes with this incredible feature. In Hotmail if you delete any of the message by fault so don’t worry, it placed in a Deleted Folder. But once if it is lustrate from the deleted folder, so recovery of this mail would be impossible and it becomes harder to retrieve the messages.

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Hotmail


Here we appreciate this Hotmail because sometimes we can recover accidentally deleted messages, even if they no longer appear in your “Deleted” folder.

But before the recovery the mails, here some of the steps which need to know:

  • Once your mail deleted from Hotmail account, make sure Hotmail keep these deleted messages for a few days before they are permanently deleted. But how long it will keep these messages doesn’t know, five days, ten days or more.
  • You can also use one of the best features to recover your mails called, opt- out recovery. Once you opted-out, you won’t see the recovery message and link in the Deleted folder.
  • When you recover your message, assure that move back to your inbox or personal folders till the deleted folder get cleaned out periodically.

Ok! Now time to Recover your Mails:

  • First of all open the outlook web page; here you can type your email address and password then click to sign in option.


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