How to solve the Mail Duplicate issue in Gmail?

Suppose you are working with your email and at the same time you receive multiple copies of same email, isn’t look something different? Well yes, because continuously you receive same email. Make sure this is a connection problem which occurs in email delivery or downloading process. Most probably there is a mail forwarding loop which keeps you away from receiving any kind of mail. It means, the reason behind the mail issue is, mail forwarding loop which continuously stops you to getting any mail.

Here I will explain this mail forwarding loop problem with example. Suppose you have an email account on two computers whose name is for example- bread and butter. Once you set the mail forwarding on bread to forward the mail to butter, and again set forwarding on butter to forward mail to bread, here you set a mail forwarding loop that didn’t have their final destination. The mail which you sent to bread will go to butter and when butter got that mail, again sent to bread. This all process is going like a loop that’s why this mail forwarding loop problem is mention there.

If you want to overcome of this particular problem then immediately change your mail forwarding so that all the mails and messages have reached their final destinations. Sometime this is also possible, if you receive a duplicate mail or message from single mailing list, it means you subscribed to that list, so properly examine it. In most of the cases due to some technical reasons this problem has occurred. And that technical issue is SMTP server issue. But at the end of the day, there is no exact solution regarding this error. So here I suggest you to wait for a while until it solve.

You can also try some couple of things which solve the mail duplicate issue in Gmail.

  • If you found this type of issue then immediately clear your browser’s cache and cookies. For this: click setting, then move to your application, here delete the history.
  • Simply you can reset your phone and remove its battery for 2-3 minutes and reboot the phone.
  • You can also delete the account from your phone and set it up again. Maybe it works.

 However, if you facing other technical glitches, then get in touch with our technical experts for better solution.

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