IncrediMail is an excellent mailing application which allows you send and receive emails and you can also read your emails even when you are not connected to the internet. The IncrediMail also has an incredible interface and allows very user-friendly operations. But sometimes while working with IncrediMail certain issues arise mail not opening, accidently mail got deleted, incredimail 2.5 problems , incredimail for windows 10, incredimail problems with windows 7, incredimail repair tool, incredimail update, incredimail crashing, Incredimail Repair problems with windows 10, corrupted files, etc. To solve all these issues, you just wish you have a repair tool that can smoothly resolve all your issues without much effort. Well your wish came true and here it is, the best and easy-to-use tool to fix the different errors arising while using the IncrediMail. This tool known as IncrediMail Repair Tool have got some amazing features and works like a magic want to solve your related problems. Now, let’s go through this article to know about this astonishing tool and how you can use it to resolve your issues.

Features of IncrediMail Repair Tool

Have a look at some of the interesting characteristics of the IncrediMail Repair Tool that can help in recovering the lost files, solving attachment issues, etc.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Works for both IncrediMail Premium and IncrediMail Xe versions
  • Compatible with even older versions of Windows
  • Recover deleted mails and lost files
  • Available with free demo version
  • Scans thoroughly to locate the damaged emails
  • Recovers even the data lost due to attack of virus

How To Use Repair Tool To Fix The IncrediMail Issues?

After knowing what this tool is are what are its features, check now how this tool works over your issues. IncrediMail repair tool is a friendly email recovery utility that can restore emails, contacts, notes, etc that have been lost or damaged due to internal or external error. It performs these operations in any of the following ways:

  1. The ‘repair and recovery’ feature of the IncrediMail repair tool performs a RAW mailbox scan to locate the severely corrupted files. It searches and repairs those files and also provides you the option to save the recovered files to a new storage location.
  2. The tool can also perform a scan of the IncrediMail Address book to find any issue there. You can search the whole address book or provide the starting and ending partition for scan. After the scan is over and the issues are resolved, you can also save the address book to a new location.
  3. The files lost due to system error (such as virus) or due to human error (such as manual deletion of file) can also be recovered by running this file repair feature of this tool.
  4. It can extract all data from scan and display it in hierarchical structure allowing you to select the important mails and store them at any other location of your choice.

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