Not able to bypass the Google Account Verification on Android phone?

Suppose you lost your mobile phone and some other person found that but that person is not able to use that phone if you strictly set up a pattern lock or security pin. Because today Google introduce one of the best feature i.e. “Factory Reset Protection” which totally secures your all device from anti social person and unauthorized person.

Why can’t I bypass this new Google Verification Problem

This Factory Reset Protection feature makes impossible for the thief or unauthorized person to use your device. If you simply reset this feature in your device then damn sure you are in 100% safe hand. Once the phone finished its factory reset activity then it will reboot and choose the display language which you want and after that follow the steps below:

  • First open your Wi-Fi and connect to your phone
  • Then click on Google account
  • After that just click on text field in which you have to insert the account
  • Then hold @ till setting menu pop up
  • After that you have to go with Google keyboard setting and click on the 3 dots which is appear on the top of the screen.
  • Click Help & Feedback and choose any of the item that will follow
  • Then press long for few seconds to choose the text on the page and immediately click on web search, which is located at upper right corner
  • Then you find the search field and type setting in this field.
  • After that click on About phone and 7 times, then return to previous menu and open the developer option
  • Now allow the OEM Unlocking and restart the device
  • And finally connect it with Wi-Fi

How to bypass Google Account Verification

Make sure if you changed your Google account password recently then you are not able to use that account. It means you stuck for 72 hours. Now look the below post how to bypass the Google account verification

  • For bypass you have required to installed custom ROM with persistent ADB
  • Then setup your ADB and reboot on your PC
  • Then turn on your device and connect to PC via USB and choose Yes
  • Then open your command prompt and type the following commands

adb shell

am start -S -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1

  • After that in your device setting click on Backup and reset and choose factory data reset
  • Once if it is done then immediately boot back in recovery mode and re flash your desired ROM

By doing these steps you device never ask for verification of Google Account during setup.

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