Not able to delete the Gmail messages in iphone? Fix it here.

The Gmail is largest using web mail service across the world. There are no any other web mail services who compete the Gmail in terms of mailing and other activities. For instance, human beings need basic things to survive their life like: air, water and food. Without these amenities they can’t survive. Similarly if we are talking about mailing, which is the best and advanced mailing platform who solve our all personal and professional task. Obviously the answer should be Gmail.

People using this wonderful feature not only as a personal reason but instead of it most of the business tycoons use Gmail for their business activities. Because they knew that, only Gmail is blessed with numerous of features and services which comfortably use for professional field. And today people can sync their Gmail account with iphone and ipad for better and faster response. Through this synchronization they can easily maintain their all works.

How to delete the Gmail messages in iphone?

You can successfully sync this Gmail with your iphone and ipad and start sending and receiving the mails and other activities. Suppose you send the mail to anyone but at the same time you notice that, there is no any kind of delete option in iphone and ipad. So how can you delete the Gmail messages in iphone ? Quickly find the solution regarding this issue in below steps:

  • The first and simple method is, you can move the offending messages in trash folder. For this: click on edit and choose the email which you want to move in trash folder.
  • You can also change your setting to add delete. For this: first move to your setting then mail, contact, calendar and click your Gmail account. Now click on account then advance to bring up more options. Here you found the option of Deleted mailbox, now you can move the discard messages and click to confirm once it done.
  • You can also delete lots of emails, just move to your email index and click on edit option. Now select the messages which you want to delete and click the delete button at the top of the screen.
  • You can also delete your message by swiping method. For this go to your mail account and swipe from right to left on message where you will see the delete option.

Well, hope you can get rid of your problem but incase found any other technical glitches, just contact to technical experts for quick solution.

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