Process to Manage Contacts in Gmail: Get here a complete view

Having troubles in managing contacts in Gmail? Do you want to know the best way to manage contacts in Gmail? If so, then you landed at right place. Here we’ve prescribed four different methods to organising your contacts list in Gmail. You can easily and quickly manage contacts in Gmail by following below steps. User can opt any of the following method as per their choice.

Method 1: Create a new Email contact

  1. Open the “contact manager” by clicking on the “Contacts” link at the left side of the page in order to start making a new Gmail contact.
  2. Select the “New Contact” button which located on the upper left-hand corner of the “Contact Manager”.
  • In recent versions, this button is represented with a plus symbol and a sign that appears like the head and shoulders of a person.
  1. Enter the additional information in the appropriate fields that you’d want to store for the new contact
  2. Enter the “save” key located on the top left of the contact’s name after you’ve provided all the required details.

Method 2: Edit an Existing contact in Gmail

  1. Click on “Contacts” in order to edit any contact in Gmail that you already have stored in your address book.
  2. Click on the contact where you make changes to broach the original info fields for the contact.

Method 3: Delete an existing Gmail Contact

  1. Just go through the steps one and two in “Edit an Existing Gmail Contact” again.
  2. Click on the button titled “More” appears at the above the contact’s information and click on “Delete contact”.
  3. Hit on the “Undo” key if you want to revisit the deleted contact

Method 4: Manage Contacts in Gmail by using “Groups”

  1. Employ the “Groups” badge located in the middle of the “Add a My Contacts” and “Email” buttons once you selected the contact you’d need to add to a group.
  • User can put individual contacts in groups, for instance family or co-workers, friends or you can also create your individual exclusive groups.
  1. Insert the chosen contact by hitting on the suitable category or click “New Group” if this is the first contact that you’re going to add/insert to a group which you haven’t formed yet.
  2. Now build a new group without choosing a contact by hitting on “New Group” icon located on left side of the contacts page.
  3. You will see a user prompt box stating, “Please enter a new group name” in which you have to enter the name of new group. After that click on “OK” to accept the new name.

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