How to recover Gmail account when recovery information changed?


Gmail is one of the famous email services provided by the Google. Most of the people are using Gmail service for sharing mails, photos, videos, documents etc. and communication purpose. There are hard times when some people encountered with the problem of account hacking. It is quite painful to user when somebody hacks his/her Gmail account and also misuses the private data. Situations become worse when the hackers use their bank details and transfer their money to another account or share the private documents publically. So, it is very important for all people to secure their Gmail account by using strong password to avoid such unwanted situations.

Email hacked but recovery information not changed-


If your Gmail account has been hacked and account recovery information is not changed yet, you should change your password as soon as possible after that he can’t access your Gmail account again. If you want, you can change your password by following given steps.

How to change the password-

  • Enter your <email address> and <password> to login.
  • Go in <Accounts and Import>.
  • Now, click on the link <Change the Password>.
  • Enter your <Current password>.
  • Enter <New Password> and <confirm> it.
  • Click on the <Next> button to change your password.

Email hacked and recovery information also changed-

If your Gmail recovery options like recovery mail address & password also changed, you will face more difficulty to recover your Gmail account. Now, you can use your registered mobile number for recovery account.

How to recover hacked Gmail account-

We are helping you to recover your Gmail account after hacked by someone. You can support of Gmail recovery options after changing all information of account recovery. You can follow the steps to recover your account.

  • Visit on the <Gmail customer support> official website.
  • Click on the <account recovery options> while the account compromised.
  • Click on the <I can’t sign in my account>
  • It will show you <account Recovery form> link, click on it.
  • Fill required details in the form and click <Next>.
  • It will ask some security questions after that your account will be recovered.

For more help-

If your hacked Gmail account problem has not been fixed yet, you have to consult with the Gmail customer support for more help. They will provide you all the information related to your account after verifying you that you are the real user of the account.

If you are getting “Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you” error then read this post & get easy solution.


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