Set, out of office or Vacation reply in Gmail through step by step solution

When we are in our office or home, here we easily handle our mailing activities. But most probably might be possible you have to visit out of station for any reason. During this period you are away from your Gmail account without internet access for some days. Obviously it happens with most of the Gmail user, and they are not able to carry their large system or computer with him to that place. It seems some tricky for users because they are not able to continue their email work on that time.

So what exactly user have to do in that time? If you are unable to communicate with your colleagues or fellows so “Out of Office” message is the best option for you. This message intimates your all co-workers that you are not able to reach them. It is also called “Vacation responder” which sends an automated reply to anyone who emails you during that time.

Once you are away from your Gmail account so you don’t know when you again form your co-workers and all. So it’s better to prepare Email Auto responder.

  • You can add contact information for urgent matters.
  • Either you can set up the auto responder only for those people who are in your contact list.
  • Or set up forwards for important mails.

How to setup Gmail vacation responder

Now here I am describing how to setup Gmail vacation responder so that you can easily do that.

  • First open your Gmail account immediately, and click on setting button. This button you will find in top right side of email.
  • Once you click on that, you will find Setting option. Click it.
  • This setting screen displays several of options but you have to search Vacation Responder. Once you find this, it will show two options such as: vacation responder off or Vacation responder on. Obviously you have to click on Vacation Responder on button and type the date when your vacation starts in the first day field.
  • There are some of the chances you don’t know when you will come back, so it’s mandatory to fill out your last day also.
  • After that it’s time to create your actual message or reason for which you going out of station. Make sure the subject line is important part of any mail. Because some of the user didn’t read your whole messages only focus on subject line. So your message should be catchy and effective
  • Then click save changes. But here note one thing, the Gmail sends vacation responder message to each of the recipients once in a four day. But in case if recipients ignore your vacation reply and sends you continuous message then they didn’t receive your Gmail out of office message.

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