What I Do If my MSN Account Has Hacked?

Today we all are aware of the term Hacking, this is actually done by the unauthorised person for stealing your information either destroy your information. The Hacking is very concern activity in which your computer system and networks get exploit by the hacker. Basically Hacking means, using the computer for some antisocial activities such as: fraud, stealing personal & professional data, privacy invasion and so on.

How to Recover a Hacked Microsoft Account

Many times we have seen that some of the MSN user facing the hacking issues since long time and due to lack of technical skills they are not able to solve their Hacking problem. But here let me tell you the solution of Hacking. If you are the person who facing the issue related with MSN account hacking so just follow our steps which is below mention.

  • First of all Recover your Account- for your account recovery you have to login into your account. But make sure if your account is log in then surely you are the luckiest one but if you are not able to login then obviously hacker change your password. So in that case you have to use “I forget my password” and recover your account.
  • After that Change your Password- on your first attempt if you are able to login then immediately change your password.

MSN Account Security Tips

Remember one thing, the password should be easy to recall, difficult to guess and long in characters. So that no one can easily hack your MSN account. Then change your Recovery Informationif you want, this hacking activity will not repeat again in future so kindly change your all recovery information, so that hacker as much as can try for hacking but everything should be vain for him.

Update MSN Account information to Secure Account

Here you can change your alternate email address, either you can change your secret question, or change your phone number so that there is no any option for hacker to hack your account.

  • Some users use the same Id for other account or social media sites like face book, this is the loop holes for any hacker. And they can easily hack your face book account as well. To get rid of this issue Check your related Accounts.
  • Know About your Contact listInform all the contacts in the online account’s address book; that’s the address book the hacker had access to.
  • Taking Mail Backup obviously the hacker erased your all mails and contacts from your account. But it’s time to take the mail backup and contact backup.
  • And last but not least, learn from your previous experience so that, this type of antisocial activity will not happen in future.

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