Hotmail Customer Service and Technical Support Number

Hotmail is one of the oldest known email platform started by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. A year after that, they sold its proprietorship to the Microsoft. They rebranded it tom MSN live mail then later on 2013 it was again rebranded to Windows Live Hotmail. And the prettier fact is the users still can use the old hotmail address in the New interface. Evaluating with the old Hotmail, a lots of new features were added to the Hotmail web account such as online editing and replay, can send files up to 50 GB in a single mail, One Click Filter, sweep messages, etc. The existing users and the new users are equally has eligibility to contact the Hotmail customer support. Here we explaining you how to get the Hotmail technical support helpline.

The customer support is needed in many times, especially when the users fail to access either due to password lost or password hack or any other issues that cause to stop the access to the account. On such a particular scenario, the technical support service is needed to fix them issues instantly. No other tech support service sources that you seeking for are better than the Hotmail customer service.

We hope you might aware that the Hotmail offering live customer support service only to its paid member. Rest all the users can find the support via the help center page or Microsoft community Forum. Both the help center and the Community forum are best ways to resolve the issue. If you have a minimal knowledge about the technical side of Hotmail, then the explanation shown in then hotmail customer service help center page is enough to fix the issue OR contact the ask your query to the Microsoft community forum. Explanation regarding the both ways is shown below:

Hotmail Technical Support Help Center Page

If you have Minimal knowledge about the product and services, then hotmail help center page will be a best option to fix the issue. You can access to the Hotmail customer support help center page by expanding this link After visiting the link, click on to re-direct to the support center page and there you can find numerous solutions for all the recently asked questions. In case you didn’t meet a relevant link over there, then enter the query on the search bar integrated at the right top side of that page. Search with the relevant keywords and hit enter to get the relevant results.

Hotmail Customer support Forum

If the hotmail help center page answers didn’t satisfy you, then Hotmail support forum will be the last option to get support for those ones using the free account. To ask a question to the Microsoft support forum, follow the method shown here.

Visit and then click ‘Ask the Community’ link, which will redirects to the Log-in page.

Login to your Microsoft account and then create a ‘Microsoft Profile

Now click Ask a question. Type the question and click ‘Ask’ and Before clicking on ‘Ask’ see the previously solved questions that matching with your issue, Microsoft will show you related results. If you can’t find the solution in the already solved questions list, then Click ‘Ask’ to post the question and wait for the replay of Hotmail technical support Executive.

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